Omri is a contributing editor at Conde Nast Digital’s Jaunted, where he has been since 2009. His posts – listed here – focus on the politics and economics of the travel world, including airport security, the Transportation Security Administration, the airline industry, travel technology, and social media and advertising in tourism.

In 2003 Omri created and launched his blog Mere Rhetoric, focusing on “the geopolitical, cultural, and economic dimensions of the global war between the West and political Islam.” He publishing there regularly until 2010, producing over 6,000 articles and generating over 2 million pageviews, and building the blog into a Google PageRank 5 site. Investigative journalism broken on Mere Rhetoric was cited by among others the The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, the BBC, Reuters, the Associated Press, The Jerusalem Post, and dozens of other outlets.

Omri began blogging about travel in 2006, contributing daily to Gawker Media’s Gridskipper. He wrote for about a year on general travel topics before shifting to a beat focusing on Los Angeles venues and events. He stayed at Gridskipper until the blog was sold in April 2008, publishing over 300 posts and articles. Those are archived here. Omri has also contributed niche travel industry stories – often revolving around topics like augmented reality technology or green travel – to HotelChatter and Vagabondish. Those are archived here and here.

Starting in 2009 Omri spent a year as the producer and host of The Omri Ceren Show, an hour-long weekly online radio program sponsored by the non-profit One Jerusalem. The show focused on American, Israeli, and international affairs, and was built around interviews with diplomats and think tankers. Posts describing each episode are archived at Mere Rhetoric here. In the same year he also launched Is Iran’s Fist Still Clenched?, a site compiling news and commentary on the situation in Iran and around Central Asia, and continued posting there until 2012.

In 2010 Omri became a regular contributor to Commentary Magazine’s blog Contentions, focusing largely but not exclusively on foreign affairs. In addition to his articles on Mere Rhetoric and Contentions, Omri has also written on global affairs for magazines such as Commentary, in international outlets such as The Jerusalem Post, and in local media such as The Los Angeles Jewish Journal. He has also contributed posts to the Breitbart blogs Big Journalism and Big Peace.

In early 2013 Omri helped found The Tower, an English-language news site published by The Israel Project. Omri ran the site during its first year, before handing it off in March 2014. By that time it had garnered 1.2 million pageviews across roughly 1,900 articles, with the articles written either by himself or by a range of DC-based bloggers and Israel-based journalists who he edited. He continues to sporadically contribute to The Tower as a writer.

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