Omri Ceren is the national security advisor for Sen. Ted Cruz. He was previously programmatic director for The Israel Project, a nonprofit in Washington DC that worked with journalists and the public on Middle East issues. He has a PhD and master's in communication from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California, and bachelor's degrees in computer science, economics, political science, philosophy, and communication from the University of Pittsburgh.

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PhD Dissertation:
- A Question of Identity: The Rhetoric and Argument of Conspiracy Theories, University of Southern California, Dec 2019.

National Security:
- Can the Iran Deal Be Fixed? And should it be?, Commentary Magazine, Apr 2018.
- Kerry on Israel: An Alternate Universe, Daily Beast, Apr 2017.
- Enabling Iran's Nukes: A policy of deception and delusion continues, Commentary Magazine, Jan 2015.
- Yes, Israel Won in Gaza: The story of the summer, Commentary Magazine, Oct 2014.
- Iran Nuclear Agreement, C-SPAN Washington Journal, Aug 2015: